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Angela Manning

Angela Manning

Amala wax and sugar studio is owned and operated by Angela Manning. She first experienced a desire for hair removal at a young age, when in 6th grade, some girls on the playground pointed out and made fun of her hairy legs. As soon as she got home she begged her mom to show her how to shave them. That experience marked the start of her search for the best and easiest way to remove hair. In her junior year of high school, she discovered waxing. No longer did she have to deal with daily shaving and the skin irritation that comes along with it.


After many at-home wax strip treatments, she decided to go in for a professional waxing appointment and asked her waxer how one learns the trade. Two months later she signed up for esthetics school. While in esthetics school, she also learned about sugaring – an alternative form of hair removal that may be best for you, especially if you have sensitive skin. Angela has been waxing and sugaring at different spas in the Seattle-metro area since 2006.  Angela invites you to come try out either style of hair removal – waxing or sugaring – and know that you will experience the best in customer service, from a cozy comfortable atmosphere to your assured attention to detail and everything in between.





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