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Brazilians- Women




Brazilians- Men

Not sure what the difference is between a Brazilian, extended bikini, and a regular bikini?




The service removes hair from the labia, butt crack, and whatever amount you want from the top. It can all be taken off or there can be a landing strip, a triangle, or whatever other shape you want left on top. Just remember hair can be tricky so keep it simple.






Extended Bikinis

Is like the Brazilian, but keeps hair on the labia. It comes in tighter than a bikini and includes the butt crack. You can also take off whatever amount you want on top. The picture with the teal background shows the extended bikini with a  natural triangle.





The bikini basically takes care of any hair you might see popping out of your bikini. Does not include the butt crack.

We offer Brazilians

For men this can be a little trickier. Very few spas offer Brazilian services for men. At Amala Studio we want to help you find what is comfortable for you. We offer Brazilians, but if you don't feel ready to take the full plunge we can work something out.


A Brazilian is when all hair is removed off the groin area, the penis, the scrotum and the butt crack. The butt cheeks are not included.  The picture shows a triangle left up top, which is an option or it can all be taken off.